Individualist Anarchist Resources

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Introductory Texts:

Max Stirner "All Things Are Nothing To Me"
Robert A. Wilson [Hagbard Celine] "Definitions and Distinctions"
Larry Gambone "What is Anarchism?"
Henry Appleton "Anarchism, True and False"
Bryan Caplan "Anarchist Theory FAQ or Instead of a FAQ, by a Man Too Busy to Write One"
Daniel Burton   "What is Individualist Anarchism?"
Emile Armand "The Little Manual of Individualist Anarchism. What We Are For, What We Are Against"
Emile Armand "Our Kind of Individualist"
Wendy McElroy "Individualist Anarchism v. Communist Anarchism and Libertarianism"
Wendy McElroy "Introduction to Individualist Feminism"
Clarence R. Swartz "What is Mutualism?"
Members of Voluntary Cooperation Movement "Mutualist FAQ"
Fred Foldvary "Geoanarchism"
Michael E. Coughlin "Objections to Anarchism"


Max Stirner "The Ego and His Own"
Herbert Spencer "The Right to Ignore the State"
David A. Andrade "What is Anarchy?"
Joseph A. Labadie "Anarchism: What It Is and What It Is Not"
Josiah Warren"Manifesto (A Rare And Interesting Document)"
Benjamin R. Tucker "The Relation of the State to the Individual"
Lysander Spooner "No Treason No. VI: The Constitution of No Authority"
Charles Lane "A Voluntary Political Government"
P.E. de Puydt "Panarchy"
Voltairine de Cleyre"Anarchism and American Traditions"
Emile Armand "Anarchist Individualism as a Life and Activity"
Étienne de la La Boétie "The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude"
Albert J. Nock "Our Enemy, The State"
Robert A. Wilson [Hagbard Celine] "Never Whistle While You're Pissing"
John H. MacKay "The Anarchists"
Eric F. Russell "The Great Explosion"

Prominent Individualist Anarchist and Fellow Travelers:

Pierre J. Proudhone
Max Stirner
Benjamin R. Tucker
Lysander Spooner
Joseph Labadie
Josiah Warren
William B. Greene
Ezra Heywood
Voltarine De Cleyre 
Stephen Pearl Andrews
Thomas Hodgskin
Herbert Spencer
Auberon Herbert
Henry D. Thoreau
Gustave de Molinari
Randolph S. Bourne
Emile Armand
Albert Jay Nock
Henry L. Mencken
Frank Chodorov (pdf)
Fred Woodworth
Larry Gambone 
Paul Goodman
Robert A. Wilson
Karl Hess
Murray N. Rothbard

Wendy McElroy

George H. Smith
Samuel E. Konkin III
Fred Foldvary

Biographies & Profiles:

James G. Huneker "Max Stirner"
Benjamin R. Tucker "The Live of Benjamin R. Tucker"
Victor S. Yarros  "My Association With Tucker"
John W. Lloyd " Memories of Benjamin Tucker"
S.E. Parker "The New Freewoman: Dora Marsden & Benjamin R. Tucker"
Benjamin R. Tucker "Auberon Herbert and his Work"
Sharon Presley "Voltairine de Cleyre"
Wendy McElroy "Gertrude Kelly: Forgotten Feminist"
Wendy McElroy "Angela Fiducia Tilton Heywood: In the Shadow of a Man"  
Wendy McElroy "Rothbard as System-Builder: A Tribute"
Charles Shively "Spooner Biography"
James J. Martin Rogues Gallery: American Individualist Anarchists

Movement History:

James J. Martin"Heralds of the Transition to Philosophical Egoism",Part 2
Wendy McElroy "Benjamin Tucker, Liberty, and Individualist Anarchism" (pdf)
Carl Watner "Benjamin Tucker and His Periodical, Liberty"  (pdf)
Wendy McElroy "Culture of Individualist Anarchism in Late 19th Century America" (pdf)
Wendy McElroy "Contributions of 19th Century Individualist Anarchism"
Wendy McElroy "The Schism Between Individualist and Communist Anarchism in the Nineteenth Century"  (pdf)
Carl Watner "English Individualists As They Appear in Liberty"  (pdf)
Eric Mack "Voluntaryism: The Political Thought of Auberon Herbert" (pdf)
David M. Hart "Gustave de Molinari and the Anti-Statist Liberal Tradition"  Part 2, Part 3  (pdf)
Carl Watner "Voluntaryism in the European Anarchist Tradition"  


Benjamin R. Tucker "State Socialism and Anarchism: How Far they Agree and Wherein they Differ"
Max Stirner "The Owner and His Property"
Josiah Warren "Equitable Commerce" (pdf)
Thomas Hodgskin "The Natural and Artificial Right of Property Contrasted"  (pdf)
Thomas Hodgskin "Labour Defended against the Claims of Capital"
Lysander Spooner "Poverty: Its Illegal Causes, and Legal Cure"
Kevin A. Carson "The Iron Fist Behind The Invisible Hand"
Ken Knudson  "A Critique of Communism and The Individualist Alternative"
Jim Shamlin "The Economic Corollaries of Anarchism"
Philip E. Jacobson "Three Voluntary Economies"
Keith Preston  "Capitalism Versus Free Enterprise"
Keith Preston "What Would An Anarcho-Socialist Economy Look Like?"
Christian Michel "Class Struggle is Not Over..."
Joseph R. Stromberg "The Political Economy of Liberal Corporatism"
Joseph R. Stromberg "The Role of State Monopoly Capitalism in the American Empire"  (pdf)
Edward Stanwood "Mr. Spooner's Island Community"
Murray N. Rothbard "Power & Market: Government & the Economy" (pdf)
Roderick T. Long "A Plea for Public Property"
Spencer H. MacCallum "Land Policy and the Open Community: The Anarchist Case for Land-Leasing versus Subdivision"
Todd Altman "A Geolibertarian FAQ" 
Benjamin R. Tucker "Occupancy and Use Versus the Single Tax"
Benjamin R. Tucker "George and the Single Tax" 
Fred Foldvary & Gil Guillory "Why Geoist and Market Anarchist Can and Should be Friends"
Robert A. Wilson "The RICH Economy. Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery" 


Fred Woodworth "How to Smash the State"  
Henry D. Thoreau "Civil Disobedience"
Benjamin R. Tucker "Passive Resistance"
Benjamin R. Tucker "The Futility of the Ballot"
Benjamin R. Tucker "Voluntary Cooperation a Remedy"
George H. Smith "The Ethics of Voting"  Part 2, Part 3  (scroll down)
Wendy McElroy "Why I Would Not Vote Against Hitler"
Christian Michel "Why I Am Not A Democrat (I Prefer Freedom)"
Carl Watner "SILENCE the Ultimate Protector of Individual Rights"
Samuel E. Konkin III "New Libertarian Manifesto"
Kevin A. Carson "A "Political" Program For Anarchists"
Keith Preston  "Smashing the State: Thoughts On Anarchist Strategy"
Keith Preston "Left and Right: Prospects for a Revolutionary Alliance"
Nexus X Humectress "Bridge-Building: 21 Talking Points for Discussions with Anarcho-socialists"
Wendy McElroy "The Liberty Debate on Participation in Politics" (pdf)


Daniel Burton "Anarcho-Capitalism vs. Individualist Anarchism"
Wendy McElroy "Anarchism A Two Kinds"
bkMarcus "Is Anarchism a Socialist Philosophy or is it Libertarian?"
bkMarcus "Is There a Difference Between Capitalism and the Free Market?"
Bryan Caplan "The Anarcho-Statists of Spain an Historical, Economic, and Philosophical Analysis of Spanish Anarchism"
A Reply to Bryan Caplan's Essay "The Anarcho-Statists of Spain: An Historical, Economic, and Philosophical Analysis"
An Anarchist FAQ  'Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?"    "Is individualist anarchism capitalistic?"
Richard A. Garner "Response To The Anarchist FAQ"
Stephanie Silberstein "Was Spooner Really an Anarcho-Socialist?"
Rod Manis "The Factory Exploitation Myth"
Keith Preston "Why I Am Not a Cultural Conservative"


Radical Review
Lucifer, The Light Bearer
Mother Earth
The Match!
Non Serviam
Left and Right: A Journal of Libertarian Thought
Total Liberty
Any Time Now
The Voluntaryist
The Agorist Quarterly
The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The Egoist 

Web sites:

Anarchist Archives
The Memory Hole
Libertarian Labyrinth
Black Crayon
Wendy McElroy's site for Individualist Feminism and Individualist Anarchism
The Philatelic Chautauqua
Against Politics 
American Revolutionary Vanguard
RAW Online Library
The Perpetual Three-Dot Column

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