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Why bicycles ??

Because we like bicycling. We have fun. We encourage people to cycle by showing them the pleasure it brings us. By travelling on a bicycle we are exposed to the weather, people, the whole environment around us.  Having a bicycle for a home allows us to cut down our expenses: no rent, no car insurance, no trips to the gas station, nor the car mechanic. 

We travel with all we need, which includes water, food, camping gear,  our instruments, plus junk for circus shows.
Carried by our mutant bicycles, we offer unexpected live entertainment - encouraging kids away from TV video-game lethargia and into circus amazement.

A New TallbikeBecause finding an abandoned bicycle to fix up isn't usually too difficult, those who want to join us have easy access. 

As you may have guessed or seen, we travel very slowly. We find this way of traveling rewarding, sometimes blissful, often disasterous, and ridiculously serendipidous.

Fred Normal on a tall bike in Austin, TX USA
"I ride a bike, it's what I like" - Fred Normal  

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