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Who We Are

We have had over 125 people traveling with us over the last six years; to name them all and to list their contributions would be nearly impossible, so we have decided to undertake that task.  Here begins the list...

The Abductees

[though often rotating, here is the current line-up]

The dude with the giant 'tash.  Responsible for the construction of most tall bikes currently in motion with the group, and responsible for the deconstruction of societies we pass through- often smacks the hats off the heads of passerbys while yelling "STUPIDO!" in their respective languages.    

"Bayanlar nerede?  Cazzo!"  Simone is best known for his ability to perform what we refer to as registration.  In the show he ain't so bad either...  Good juggling number with Rocio launching 5 balls from a spinning bike wheel and Simone catching them and juggling.

Shantytown, AKA Pantaghiosis
We found Pantaghiosis drooling beneath a pile of baglamas in an old taverna on the island of Crete some years back, and since then he has followed us, often trailing a giant load behind his bike and stuffing straw down his overalls simultaneously.  Carries with him three chickens, and has an insatiable appetite for eggs, which he doesn't eat, but rockets them out of his mouth at unprecedented speeds and occasionally catches again in his salivating beak.

The illegitimate child of Eva Peron and Diego Armando Maradona...  Rocio was caught shoplifting at Decatron one sunny morning and the circus, recognizing a certain talent that most members lacked (we are still trying to figure out which talents we actually have...  She possesses most.) slammed their 105 kilo tallbikes full speed into the security guard, who momentarily released his grip on the poor lady.  Rocio seized the opportunity and did a double backflip high flying swan kick and landed directly onto the left rear axle peg on Rafee's bike.  Her clowning and tango whizzing are just a front for her ninja expertise, making her a valuable member.

Raffe carries now four instruments, which do not equal in weight to his bag of smelly socks.  He took a vow 17 years ago to never again shower, and has upheld that vow with utmost dedication, much to the dismay of his compadres.

SPECIAL UPDATE:  Raffe has just purchased his fifth instrument.  It is a "heavy" instrument by Raffe's standards- a trumpet.  Therefore he has rid himself of all socks, save for one pair.  Also since he figures he needs all his teeth, he has purchased a supplementary toothbrush, the first in his short history.


The only one of us that really knows how to play a musical instrument.  Does a great William Tell impersonation with her fiddle and bow, and is a miraculous worm farmer.


Aptly named the "Do Nothing" clown.  He is not really a circus dude, but a biologist specializing in the invertebrates.  Really, though, he is traveling with us under a grant from National Geographic, doing a case study on Marie Lys.

John Joyce

He has been performing with a hat and contrabass for something like 78 years, and is still kicking, although the kindly Dr. Durak recently had to perform an emergency operation using a sharpened bicycle spoke to insert a pacemaker.  Carries a contrabass behind his bike.  The bass was a gift from the Czar Nikolas II before his untimely assassination.  Johnny proclaims that Grigory Rasputin himself placed a curse on the 400 year old bass, and much to the starving circus's dismay, refuses to pawn it off for the 900,000 turkish lira it is worth...  Claims that Anastasia will turn into a slug with wings if he ever parts with the bass, which goes to such an extreme limit that he actually sleeps, bathes, and goes jogging every morning with his beloved bass.  The inside of the bass is cleverly hidden by a trap door; inside hide several species of endangered monkeys.  He plans to train them to play various instruments so he can eventually become independent from the group, although Durak's recent diagnosis indicates he has alzheimers, and his vigorous training sessions rarely if ever amount to anything because he forgets which monkey is supposed to play the accordion.


The designer of this webpage.  She carries an old ENIAC (world's first computer) on her bike, stolen so deftly from Massachusettes Institute of Technology.  When the durn ol' thing ceases to function, she repairs it with a needle and dental floss, and sometimes cellophane.  This recent addition to the circus was discovered in Cyprus performing nylon thread tricks for the blind.

James Isambard William Oatcake Alvar Hardy Nagev Monahan

Definately an anomaly.  Jimmy was born in England some 27 odd years ago, but was quickly exiled to Madagascar, where he learned the sacred art of breakdancing.  At the age of 18 his adopted father sat him down and said "Son, it is time now for you to find your calling...  Go now into this world and irk out a living, so that I can retire happily on the island of Lombok..."  With this Jimmy left and found the circus lost in Windhoek, Namibia.  Immediately he felt as if this was his calling, but lost interest every three months and would go and seek another calling before returning.  Eventually from all that calling he racked up quite the long distance bill, and proclaimed "Guys, I'm skinned!"  The bill was paid by his adopted father in Madagascar, who, due to the extreme of the bill, will NOT be retiring in Lombok, but will probably find himself working in the Antananarivo branch of McDonalds or Walmart to pay the debt.

Channing... aka... Doktor Durak... aka... Ape or Man Stinkin'

Born and raised near Lake Baikal in East Siberia, the good Doctor Durak (suffering from extreme delusions of grandeur) received his medical degree (a specialist in all fields) from the Ivan Krapsnyfsky University of Veterinary Sciences.  He escaped overseas to the south of Mexico on the back of a rare Siberian wallabee, where he found an accordion under a rock while looking for worms.  It didn't take long for Channing to realize he could easily annoy and even drive people crazy with his new found toy. Channing's first act in the circus was dressing up in a fat suit and wearing a monkey mask while riding his unicycle and playing his accordion. Alas the incredible "APE OR MAN STINKIN'" was born.  Known to perform table tacos at social events and eat all the chocolate cake.  He has taken the art of couch surfing to new levels and if he's ever been at your house and a strange odor still permeates, check under the radiator for a pair of smelly socks that may still be there!

The Escapees

Fred Normal;  Carlos;  Andrea;  Splatz Normal;  Juan;  Beth;  David Santos;  Professor Ed;  Shaggy;  Brackin;  Thora;  Skot;  Scotty;  Andalucia; Raven;  Morgan;  Ben Matchstick;  Karen;  Iona;  Hintsch;  Andy A;  Not Funny the Clown;  Doc Otis;  Ed the Clown;  Malnus; Morten;  Zoe;  Fahrid;  Puzzly;  Andrew;  Amanda;  Christine and King Fatto;  Joe Mama;  Drew;  Smashy and Trashy;  Mumbly Chris;  Pizza Andrea;  
NIKI from Bulgaria
Ximena and Daniela
Bert, Becky and Millie
Slim Chance
Andreu, Raphiel and Gonzalo

[a list of everyone who has traveled with us]

Coming soon.

A BIG THANK YOU TO JOHN ASHCRAFT, JAY, AND ALL THE SPAZ DUDES FOR HELPING US WITH OUR WEBSITE!  Without their help, the website that now mesmerizes you would still be in the feeble condition of the past three years, and not the mighty cyberspace creation that you now behold on your digital box.

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