Welcome to Shanty's Pantry
Warning: everything on this page is vegetarian.

When I left America I set out with the idea of traveling the world learning the musics of the different places that i was. It was a nice idea but it didn't happen like that. Instead I have found myself leaning over the shoulders of moms and grand moms and pestering the children to translate what that spice is, as i travel the wold leaning to cook like the locals.

This cook book is comprised of recipes and techniques that I have picked up along my travels as well ones that I learned or discovered from home.

Campfire Cooking: Traveling on bicycles we spend most of our nights camping outside and cooking over camp fires. Here are some special tips for that sort of thing.

Dishes From:
Italy Makin' pizza
Greece/ Cyprus Malakasa cooking
China eating fengyu
Home Cookin'