In Italy the importance, and respect that is given to food is on a level unrivaled by any country in the world. We have been camping illigaly some strange place and cooking over a fire, when the police come and tell us that we can't make a fire there. After a short chat about what we are cooking they tell us to finish cooking eat and then leave. Many times after shows the circus performs an oncore by sitting on the ground where we just finished a show and start prepareing a grand salad with everyting imaginable. This many times attracts quite the crowd (we contemplate passing the money hat to the audience, but food is the more important thing on everyones mind at the moment). Inevitably sone or two people ,waching these freeks making luch on the sidewalk peeking into our pot ask, "alio, baslico, olio d'oliva... e mozzarella di bufalla?","si." "Que buono, buonapetito."