Home Cookin'
My parents became vegitarians arround 40 years ago. So I was raised vegitarian, and my family has developed some of our oun recipeis that we use instead of turkey or whatever ya'll eat on thoes hollidays. In addition to thoes family recipies i have invented and come accross many other recipies from friends and strangers before i hit the road, also while on the road i have come across some Americans who have showed me their favorite dish that i have added to my repertoire.

Chocolate Chip Cookies:This is the standard recipie for the famos american chocolate chip cookies which amaze all non americans i cook them for. its my most damanded recipie (from non american).

- 2 1/4 C flower
- 1/2 t salt
- 1 t baking soda
- 1 stick sofend butter (at room tempature)
- 3/4 C brown sugar
- 3/4 C white suger
- 1 t vanilla extract
- 2 eggs
- 1-2 C chocolate chips
- 1 C chopped walnuts

- If more cakey muffin like cookies are desiered use some more flower.
- just a pinch of salt is ok. but the salt is important for the chemical reations with the soda.
- If no baking soda is avalible you can use about of a cup of milk making the dough more liquidy and then poring the dough onto the cookie sheet as one mass about 1/2 and inch thick.
- if no brown sugar avalible you can use some white sugar mixed with malasas. (or just use white sugar but its not as good)
- The sugar called for in the recipie is really alot, using much less is fine, even as  little as 1 or 3/4 C total is ok for some people.
- I usualy i use much more vanillia than called for. In places where they use vanilla sugar instead of extract then use 2 or three packets (3-5T)
-instead of vanilla you can use some lemon, or orange zest, or another kinkd of liqure like rum, or balies, or cinnamon, or molasas or anything else that would give a good flavor.
- To cook without eggs there are several different techniques i have used a banna as a substitute. if you do this you need to put the cookies in a plastic bag after cooking or they will become very hard.
- I have also used some sweet patoe pure instead of the eggs and this works well and makes more cake like cookies.
- Reliable sorces have said that useing grated apple as a substitue works also.
- Heat oven to 350 farenheit
- Cream together butter and suggars.
- Mix in vanillia and eggs.
- In a seperate bowl mix the dry ingreedents (Flower salt and baking soda)
- Then mix these together
- Then add chocolate chips and wallnuts
- put some globs of cookie dough on a cookie sheet, making sure to leave space because the cookies will spread out, and bake in oven until they start to turn slightly brown about 10-15 min.