Qie zi:


- oil
- 2 big eggplants pealed and cubed
- soy sauce
- 2-3 T spoons sugar
- salt
- coarsly choped garlic
- 1C hot water
- Heat quite a bit of oil in pan satue cubbed eggplant, if the eggplant are sticking add alittle oil. After the eggplant (the tricky thing with cooking eggplant is that it sucks up oil so it seams like you need alot to satue it with out it sticking. Then later as the eggplant cooks and shrinks in size oil is released from the eggplant. So many times you might end up with an extreamly oily dish if you arnt carful.)
- add desired about of soy sauce, sugar and salt.
- add hot water to help cook and soften the eggplant
- when the eggpland is almost to the softness desired add garlic
Li ge Hong's dish:This is a dish invented by my friend Mom.... um yea.

 - oil
- 1 block of tofu cut in slabs
- 4 eggs
- 1 big carrot cut in flat thin pieces
- 1 small squash like little pumkin cut in like carrot but twice as thick
- 2 leaks sliced
- 1T corn starch disolved in a little watter
- Fry tofu in generous amout of oil until golden then flip to fry both sides, set aside.
- Fry 4 eggs, set aside
- Fry carrots.
- When carrots start to soffen a little (but not soft there is more cooking in store for them) add the leaks and squash.
- after a couple of munits add tofu slabs after cutting them in half (so that they will soak up the flavor) and eggs and a cup or two of water.
- After some time add the corn starch and some salt.
- keep adding watter so that it doesn't burn. it is done when the carrots and squash are the desired softness.

Tomato Egg soup/ or dish:

- 4 tomatoes
- 3 eggs
- sour spice
- salt suger
- pleal tomatoes by boliling untill skin starts to seperate then remove from water and let cool or run under cold water and remove sikn.
-heal oil in pot and add sour spice untill it starts to become black. Then remove the spice from oil and through out.
- add tomatoes and squash in.  
- add salt and sugar to taste.
- if soup is desired add water 3-4 C and bring to boil
- add beaten eggs cooking untll eggs are cooked