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How We Do It...

Six years have elapsed now since the original idea for the circus was formalized from a gas of an idea into the mighty (well, so to speak...) force that currently rolls through the mountains of east asia.  We have sustained ourselves nearly entirely from the funds collected through street shows, and managed to hold our bikes together sometimes simply from bailing wire and scrap metal supporting 100 kilograms of baggage.  As autumn creeps out behind the summer sun, we generally make a dash for the south and find an old house that needs repair, thus irking out a living situation from nothing.  Upon arrival in a large city, such as Beijing, Moscow, or Istanbul, we need simply to pull out our instruments and equipment and perform on a busy street or in front of a cafe and VOILA, a house appears out of nowhere.  Generally when we travel, all funds collected from the afformentioned shows goes into a collective sachetto, which subsequently is used to purchase food, bike parts, or pay medical bills in the extreme case that someone falls ill.

We try to prioritize free shows for underprivileged kids, and have been known to experiment on animals by rinsing hot jazz in the local zoos, much to the dismay of the custodians, but to the extreme pleasure of the monkeys!
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