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Mutant Mind Meld ~ fun-draiser for the 20th annual Autonomous Mutant Festival.....all night -- all ages!
June 25, 10pm - 7am
Flava Packet-- 953 West Macarthur Oakland,CA

2 rooms of throbbing ,oozing, ass-melting bass and crystal-clear immersive audio environment featuring a full spectrum of sizzling-edge electronic styles and sounds from around the Planet (and other dimensions..)

Riflefeet---Minipop---Radical Edward---M27---Tang Li Wheebs---Flourescent Grey---Radar--- Melty Cake---Electronic Sleep---Anthony Bisset and NADA---Kevlar---Pink Abduction Ray---D-Syn---Jaysonic---Nurgle---FELA KUTCHII---DJ. MegaLo....and more surprises...

Feral Doomsday Cult refreshment and head shaving lounge

Absurdist Luxury interior design by Donna Wood, Pierre Pre$$ure, and Sharon Joy

Lush tea service in a sumptuous and furry Sound Bath....

Thick and squishy dancefloor madness with tea-fuelled, unhinged sound experiments...

Fundraiser to help get the SPAZ and Society soundsystem to AMF.
Get ready to party all night and experience the certain Ego Death of the Mutant Mind Meld.

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